Il bosco



The apartments are surrounded by beautiful sceneries like spacious greeneries, unique-looking wildflowers, fascinating forest pathways and much more . it is an environment that will help people reconnect with nature and give them a bright and captivating new look to a green life . the apartments are connected to all the parks, which will help [...]

The city



The city’s luxury living at the heart of new Capital,   leisure and relaxation are a way of life. The project has a variety of apartments , captivating to the peace and feeling of well-being with generous gardens & swimming pools.  pay over 10 years.

Midtown Solo



The complex is in a very distinguished location and is designed with precision and creativity. Which makes you feel you are out of the country. Midtown without a jam with the tranquility and beauty of nature and spectacular views over the green river. Compound Midtown Capital overlooks one of the main axes in front of [...]